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12''  33 1/3 RPM (Side B) + 45 RPM (Side A)  / 4-Track EP 

220 Copies Vinyl / White Label Edition + Sticker

A1 Motema

A2 Ed Wine

B1 Never Follow Suit (extended Stylewars Edit)

B2 Shadow Of A Dub


Sticker by Hank Schmidt in der Beek

LeRoy's Bearbeitung von David Bowie's »Andy/Warhol« läuft noch immer rund um den Globus, da tut er es schon wieder – Francis Bebey, Neil Diamond, Radio Dept. & Sonic Youth fliessen hier zu Weltmusik zusammen, als gäbe es keine Trennwände mehr. Musical Graffiti. Community Messages der Style Wars Sprayer inklusive.

Besser geht’s nicht. Vier Jahreszeiten und dann wieder von vorn!


LeRoy rides again! As a follow-up to his worldwide acclaimed rework of David Bowie's »Andy/Warhol«, the DAS Hobos member rewards our yearning for peaceful sun-drenched spirits set into music by inviting us to his very own »Ed Wine«, Francis Bebey's »Motema«, Radio Dept.'s »Never Follow Suit« and Sonic Youth's »Shadow Of A Dub«. More than anything, a celebration of life – Thank you, LeRoy!

»It's for me. It's for nobody else to see. I don't care about nobody else seeing it, or the fact if they can read it or not. It’s for me and other graffiti writers. That we can read it. All these other people who don’t write, they’re excluded. I don’t care about them. They don't matter to me. It’s for us. It's for us!«




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