A 12" Vinyl Album. 12 Tracks. 300 Copies.

In Zusammenarbeit mit Pico's Yodelin' Beat.

Recorded in Bahnhof Buchloe / Barcelona / Hermannswerder / London / Madrid / München

Compiled by Pico Be

Artwork by Hank Schmidt in der Beek

Album Mastering by Michael Heilrath / Bereich03

Alle machen mit!“ – The Inclusive Society Album:

The mighty developmentally disabled outfit Jacke Wie Hose in a motivating breakout /DAS Hobos in a rumbero rocking southern-Bavarian-train-station workout / Westend Munich's communard housing bandproject Kilombo Hausband featuring Anna McCarthy in a Krautfunky rehearsal tape session / Das Weiße Pferd meet Relle Büst (Parasyte Woman) in an „Illegal“ Refugees Dramaplay Score by Kamerakino / Murena Murena hits hard with Hedda Gabler Bochum Ruhrpott Theatre Rock /


LeRoy edits West Saharian cell-phone Polisario children chants / J.G.G. specially appears twice in Corte Moderno & Kana Kapila, both acts from Barcelona / Sarah Gonputh sings in German! Along with Hank Schmidt in der Beek, Seb I & Nick McCarthy redoing a classic bretonnian drink- & worksong from the 1970ies / Tagar sings José Luis Perales, by his famous Carlos Saura „Cria Cuervos“ Theme from 1974, in Spanish / River (Rosalie, Hedi, Salewski & Pico) do Hawaiian Huna Huna Healings!


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