BIGGABUSH: Melody & Electronics EP

12" Vinyl | Cat # JMM-205





All tracks written and produced by Glyn "Bigga" Bush, except A1 written and produced by Blast Head,

Artwork by Mark Ferrar.


A1. Mangrove Monkey (Biggabush Version)
A2. Sounds & Blues

B1. Dash Way Com
B2. Footsie Index

Glyn "Bigga" Bush began his production career with Rockers Hi Fi in the early 90s, co-writing several studio albums, a host of remixes and the infamous DJ Kicks - The Black Album. In 2000 he went solo as both BiggaBush and Lightning Head, making albums for Sonar Kollektiv and Stereo Deluxe as well as many more remixes. His sound reflects his love of dub reggae, analogue synthesisers and intricate rhythms, with influences of samba, afrobeat, the deep dubscapes of Rhythm & Sound and most recently the more interesting end of 140bpm bass music.

This EP is his first vinyl release since the late 00s and takes in a number of bass-heavy rumblers with classic BiggaBush twists and turns, starting with the steppas delight of Mangrove Monkey, relentless subs and skanks of Sounds & Blues, post-dubstep breaks on Dash Way Com and finishing with a minimal 4/4 FX soundscape on Footsie Index.